Friendship Hill

The Albert Gallatin Estate

New Geneva, Pennsylvania

Bg the time of the whiskey excise tax in 1791, it was clear where Albert Gallatin's sympathies lay. Although born into an aristocratic Swiss family, Gallatin was a man of the people, committed to democratic ideals. At the 1788 Constitutional Convention, Gallatin lobbied hard for adoption of a Bill of Rights. He was one of the first men to urge forceful resistance to the tax.

But Albert Gallatin was also a man of peace. Where David Bradford preached violence and action, Gallatin preached reconciliation and restraint. Through his leadership, Gallatin launched an impressive career with positions ranging from Secretary of the -Treasury to negotiator of the -Treaty of Ghent that ended the war of 1812. He later commented that he regretted his support of the rebels during the "Whiskey Rebellion".

Gallatin's magnificent 370 acre plantation is operated bg the National Park Service. with architecture dating back to 1789, its setting offers nature trails and waterfalls. inside the house, state-of-the-art interpretive exhibits lend fascinating insight into the accomplishments of one of our least recognized and most important founding fathers.